Portraiture was my first love in photography and has remained my central passion. I love capturing humanity and its complexity -- its joy, sorrow, and everything in between.

Derrick & Alexa.

Engagement announcement photoshoot.

Jones Beach, New York. April 2022.

Arlo Fillmore.

Portrait session done in Burlington, Vermont. April 2021.

"To Be So Lonely:" Creation in Isolation. 

Photo series shot over Facetime during the first COVID-19 lockdown.

May 2020. 

Darby & Ethan.

Surprise proposal and engagement.

Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania. June 2022.

Katelyn Koch.

Creative Portraiture done in Williamsburg, New York at immersive art exhibition Dream Machine. 

June 2018.

Lea Jaffe.

Portrait session done in

Montauk, New York. December 2019.

Judy Jetset.

Portrait session done in

Lower Manhattan, New York. June 2019.